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The Hidden Benefits of an Energy Efficiency Dashboard in Commercial Buildings


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Have you ever been in a commercial building and thought, “If only I could look at the total energy usage of this building at a glance”? Well, now that dream is closer to becoming reality. With the implementation of energy efficiency dashboards, monitoring the energy usage of a commercial building has never been easier. An energy efficiency dashboard provides transparency into how much energy is being used and where it’s being used within a building. Here’s why you should consider installing one in your commercial building.

1.0 Increased Energy Savings

Installing an energy efficiency dashboard can lead to significant cost savings. By monitoring and identifying areas where there is an inefficient use of energy, owners can make adjustments to reduce their overall consumption. Additionally, these dashboards can be programmed to notify owners when specific thresholds are exceeded so they can take corrective action before too much energy is wasted.

2.0 Improved Occupant Comfort

An energy efficiency dashboard not only monitors the amount of power being consumed but also its effects on occupant comfort. Dashboards help identify areas where temperature or humidity levels are outside of comfort ranges, allowing owners to adjust HVAC settings and keep occupants comfortable throughout the building.

3. Enhanced Operational Awareness

An energy efficiency dashboard gives owners insight into how their buildings are operating on an ongoing basis. This information can be used for benchmarking purposes so modifications can be made over time to improve operational performance and increase overall efficiency.

4.0 Improved Visibility

With an energy efficiency dashboard, all data related to a commercial building’s operations can be viewed in one place. From temperature readings to electricity usage data, all metrics are presented in a clear and concise manner that offers improved visibility into how resources are being used at any given time.

5.0 Simplified Monitoring Processes

One of the greatest benefits of having an energy efficiency dashboard installed is that it simplifies the process of monitoring a building’s performance levels. Instead of manually gathering data from multiple sources across the facility, everything is available in one easy-to-use platform that provides real-time updates on all activity within the facility.

The installation of an energy efficiency dashboard in your commercial building offers numerous benefits that range from improved operational awareness and enhanced visibility into resource utilization patterns to increased cost savings due to more efficient use of resources. Not only does this technology help you save money but it also helps ensure occupant comfort by monitoring temperature and humidity levels on an ongoing basis. Ultimately, investing in an energy efficiency dashboard for your commercial building will save money, time, and resources — making it well worth considering!


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