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HomeNewsBuilding contractors are detained in Turkey as the death toll approaches 33,000

Building contractors are detained in Turkey as the death toll approaches 33,000


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Six days after two earthquakes caused thousands of buildings to collapse, rescuers were able to save additional survivors, including a pregnant mother and two young children, while Turkish justice officials targeted more than 130 persons who were allegedly involved in sloppy and unlawful construction procedures.

33,179 people had died as of Sunday as a result of the earthquakes that struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday. This number is certain to climb when additional dead are discovered in the wreckage by search teams. Authorities reported that the accident also injured around 92,600 additional persons.

According to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag stated on Sunday that 134 persons were being probed for their alleged involvement in the construction of buildings that were not earthquake-resistant. He reported that seven persons were in custody, three had been arrested pending trial, and seven more were prohibited from leaving the country.

Bozdag has vowed to hold those accountable accountable, and prosecutors have started collecting samples from buildings as proof of the building materials. Although the quakes were strong, victims, professionals, and citizens across Turkey are attributing the increased destruction to poor building.

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